Archaeology dissertation proposal

Many anthropology and archaeology departments are closely connected, and they offer an opportunity to study overlapping areas of interest. Individuals work closely with scientific techniques, becoming proficient at analyzing, dating and interpreting details. Students should also be proficient in the language of the area they plan to study, and some programs require proficiency in at least two languages beyond the student's native language. For example, a student specializing in classical archaeology must be fluent in Latin and Greek. A comprehensive examination and a dissertation are required to complete the degree.

The Faculty of Arts boasts of an excellent staff-student relationship, which students coming from other universities sometimes find impressive.  Although student numbers have grown over recent years, the staff-student ratio is still a good one.  While some classes can be large, most classes are small enough to allow for more personalised and participatory learning/teaching practices such as tutorials, seminars and workshops.

Students in the Faculty of Arts are among the most active in student life and participate readily in exchange programmes.  The presence of a significant number of overseas students, in regular enrolment or on exchange visits, enriches the experience of students and academic staff alike.

Archaeology dissertation proposal

archaeology dissertation proposal


archaeology dissertation proposalarchaeology dissertation proposalarchaeology dissertation proposalarchaeology dissertation proposal