Chemistry global warming essay

Then I would say that the whole atmosphere changes temperature all the time, not just “greenhouse gases”. Further 99% of the atmosphere absorbs so little IR that it is simply stupid to assert that the 2% maximum water vapour, or near zero % in the hottest locations such as tropical, subtropical and temperate deserts, and the tiny % CO2 transfers ALL the thermal energy to 99% of the atmosphere in the time frames observed – say a maximum of 9 hours to mid afternoon when the atmosphere usually ceases increasing in temperature – given the small percentages involved.

The person who wrote this article is an uneducated buffoon. If you are going to write on a subject please ensure that you have some idea of what you are talking about.
1 The oceans absorb carbon dioxide as they COOL. They release carbon dioxide as they warm
2 Global temperatures are dictated by the amount of solar activity on the face of the sun. It’s the big thing in the sky that burns your skin at the beach
3 The weather is no more extreme than it has been. It is now being sensationalized by media and more closely studied and more accurately measured by modern science.
4 Global temperature is several degrees lower now than what it was in the holocene maxim and during the middle ages which was a time noted for great prosperity.
5 By supporting the Carbon dioxide myth you are actively supporting nuclear power which conveniently produces no CO2. Congratulations on supporting nuclear power, the most dangerous and polluting form of energy production ever created. Margaret Thatcher created the myth to stop the coal riots and built nuclear power plants in England. Every other pro nuclear country supported it completely. And here we are, debating something that does not exist… The world is not flat.

Chemistry global warming essay

chemistry global warming essay


chemistry global warming essaychemistry global warming essaychemistry global warming essaychemistry global warming essay