Edward scissorhands vs frankenstein essay

Part 2 The Movie, Edward Scissorhands, has many rhetorical themes to it. First, they use colors to illustrate their point. All the people in the town before Edward shows up have a pallet of colors that are bright and almost neon. Edward wears all black. So this color difference between Edward and the town makes it obvious that Edward is different. Second, they use scenery to illustrate their point. The townspeople before Edward gets there is full of cookie cutter houses, they all look the same. They all have the same style of house, they all have the same model car, they all have the same hairstyle. It is when Edward comes into their lives that things get some originality. People have different looking shrubs in front of their houses, and they have different hairstyles. This imagery makes it clear that Edward brought change and originality into the community. Third, Edward was alone. The giant hill with a huge mansion on it makes it clear that Edward was alone because of the size of the mansion and how far away it was from the other houses. And the mansion makes it clear that Edward is different because the mansion is so different from the other houses.

Town Hall in Guilford, CT
Major Differences from Stars Hollow

  1. No gazebo.
  2. Huge, unlike the cozy/intimate quarters of the Stars Hollow town square.
  3. No diner or casual eatery similar to Luke’s Diner.
  4. Empty streets, not as busy as Stars Hollow would be on a typical day.
Chocolate Store in Guilford, CT
About my quest – see my video footage of Guilford and other towns that look like Stars Hollow! I’ve been obsessed with the quirky town of Stars Hollow for years now, and did some research online to see which towns resembled it the most. I scoured blogs , articles and forums , taking notes from real Connecticut residents and other Gilmore Girls fans, who were also on a similar quest. Then, I narrowed down a comprehensive list of the top towns to visit on my journey to finding a real-life version of Stars Hollow. See the video of my journey below!

Edward scissorhands vs frankenstein essay

edward scissorhands vs frankenstein essay


edward scissorhands vs frankenstein essayedward scissorhands vs frankenstein essayedward scissorhands vs frankenstein essayedward scissorhands vs frankenstein essay