Endangered species+photo essay

The Chinese Pangolin ( Manis pentadactyla ) is listed as Critically Endangered (previously Endangered) due to past, ongoing and predicted future declines of over 90% in three generations. Much poaching is now for international trade, which is largely driven by market demand in China for the meat, a luxury dish, and for the scales, which are used in traditional medicines. Within the last decade trade in this species is estimated to have involved a minimum of tens of thousands of individuals, despite controls on export. The threat is thought to be particularly high as this species is reported as easier to locate and hunt in the wild than the Sunda Pangolin ( Manis javanica ). Photo © Skink Chen ( CC BY-NC-ND )

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Endangered species+photo essay

endangered species+photo essay


endangered species+photo essayendangered species+photo essayendangered species+photo essayendangered species+photo essay