Essay on school uniforms should be required

How do you feel about wearing school uniform? Most students from this generation wants to wear lasted fad clothes of their own choice when they go to school, but some school require students to wear school uniform. In my opinion I strongly agrees that L’Amoreaux student should wear school uniform. There are mainly three reasons of why I agrees with mandatory school uniform. Firstly, wearing school uniform can prevent student to compare their clothing with one others. Second, school uniforms can make class look more formal. Finally, uniforms represent our identity in any place.
First of all, I think the most important advantage of school uniform is the prevention of comparison among student outfits and the effect of reduced discrimination. This is a very common phenomenon in our society today as more people starting to judge each other based on the price of clothing. They use this as an evaluation criteria and treat people with different attitude. And the situation is misleading the students to buy expensive clothing as they believe better clothing will get them more respect and admire. By making school uniform a mandatory policy for all students, it will effectively reduce the time wasted on picking different clothes every day when students try to compete with each other.
Secondly, I think school uniform is crucial since it can make class more formal. It will be beneficial for both the school and students if everyone wears the same uniform. In terms of student safety, school uniform benefits the school by allowing the securities to identify strangers in the school. In addition, as it comes to coordinate event with another school, it will be easier to manage student if they’re wearing their school uniforms. Uniform also brings a tidy learning environments and a more comfortable for teachers. There is many cases where advisors spending unnecessary efforts to convince students to avoid wear distractive clothing. Therefore, teachers c...

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Essay on school uniforms should be required

essay on school uniforms should be required


essay on school uniforms should be requiredessay on school uniforms should be requiredessay on school uniforms should be requiredessay on school uniforms should be required