Fruits of sorrow essay

Alaya-vijnana is the basic source of life. As it comes into contact with different conditions and circumstances, it gives rise to various mental formations and actions, hence karma. The seeds of karma are [in turn] stored in this giant warehouse of alaya-vijnana. The relative abundance of the good or bad karma in this giant warehouse then determines the direction of the next rebirth. When a being dies, the alaya-vijnana is the last to leave the physical body. When a being is reborn, the alaya-vijnana is the first to arrive in the next body. It is the core of rebirth.

So the preliminary question is this: Why should we think that bosom-burning is a reliable way of determining truth? We can’t use bosom-burning to answer this question, because that would just beg the question (. assume precisely what it is we are trying to determine). The evidence suggests that bosom-burning is affected greatly by the power of suggestion. When Mormons come to the door and suggest bosom-burning as a means of determining whether Mormonism is true, a higher percentage of persons will bosom-burn in the Mormon direction. But when other sects come to the door and use the same method (even if not the same terminology), a higher percentage of person will ‘feel led by God’ to join those other [non-Mormon] sects. All this implies that the method itself is a not a reliable way of determining truth, but is a psychological tool to get people to follow their own feelings while making them believe that it is not their own feelings that they are following but the leading of the Spirit. (They don’t stop to ask, “If this were just my feelings, and not the Spirit, how would I know?” They can’t answer that question, because the method prevents the person using it from discovering his error.)

"Gardnerian High Priestess and Cherry Hill Seminary instructor, Laura Wildman, has collected amazing stories from a diverse set of practitioners, each with their own individual perspective on what it means to be Pagan in the modern world. With over fifty contributors - including famous names like Starhawk, Macha NightMare and Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, as well as a plethora of less well-known but just as gifted writers - this book has something that will appeal to everyone. The book is divided into five sections; Earth: Community - the roots that nourish, the families we create, the coming home; Air: The learning process - teachers, mentors, students and inner guides; Fire: magical transformation - from Wow! To Oops!; Water: the seasons and the cycles of life; and Spirit: The God and Goddess in our lives. The reader can dip into the book anywhere - you need not start at the beginning - and find honest, creative, thought-provoking stories about joy, awe, triumph, failure, consternation, love, loss and sorrow, that stand out as being written by deeper-than-average thinkers. A ripe collection of wisdom-fruit from people who really live their Paganism. Highly recommended."

Fruits of sorrow essay

fruits of sorrow essay


fruits of sorrow essayfruits of sorrow essayfruits of sorrow essay