In cold blood research paper

Q: I sometimes experience a rise in blood sugar levels whenever I am under a great deal of stress or am ill. Even if I'm strict about my diet, is there any way of keeping the sugar levels down without having to take insulin? Will they return to "normal" levels without medication, or will I still require insulin shots?
A: In general, illness and stress do elevate blood sugar, and if you are already requiring insulin when you are otherwise healthy/unstressed, you may need more at these times. If your blood sugars fall into normal levels without needing medications, then triggers such as an illness may or may not raise them, and if so, may not raise them high enough or long enough to warrant medication. Be sure you understand the nature of the disease, and monitor yourself in all situations as closely as you can. No one will be able to manage this better than yourself.

I mentioned Cayce’s baking soda technique to a conventional doctor once, and she said it raised blood pressure. But studies show that many things raise blood pressure, including the common cold (!), anger, physical pain, stress of any kind, and exercise. And guess what else? Many cold medicines doctors prescribe also raise blood pressure.

Cayce saw it differently. He said strokes originated in the colon, and saw high blood pressure as a symptom, rather than the cause. For instance, if the colon is never properly cleaned, due to bad diet, leaky-gut syndrome may also be present. This means that debris from the colon could circulate through the arteries, build up plaque in time and cause a stroke.
But if your blood pressure is abnormally high, you should discuss it with your doctor (allopathic or alternative) before trying the Cayce cold cure. Bear in mind, though, that American MDs are not required to study diet and nutrition at all...

The point is to make intelligent choices. Which will be worse for your blood pressure: a two-week cold, on medication, or two days of food fasting, an enema , and taking soda? You decide.


Okay, you finally decide to take the Cayce cold cure. Here’s what happens immediately: Someone bakes you a cake, hands you a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, or throws a party at work – and colds love to feed on anything they would serve: donuts, pie, cake, pizza, steak, fried chicken... Never mind what it is -- if it turns up free at that point, it’s ACID-PRODUCING!

So it’s your job to get sly and sneaky: Tell them you’ve got an appointment, you’re not feeling well, you’re diabetic, you’re on a special doctor’s diet, you took a vow -- you’ll think of something. Just take the proffered food, smile and head for cover – cubicles, the restroom, the janitor’s closet and the smoking area outside are all wonderful places to THROW IT IN THE TRASH!

After all, you deserve to be well!

In cold blood research paper

in cold blood research paper


in cold blood research paperin cold blood research paperin cold blood research paperin cold blood research paper