Jack the ripper essay conclusion

Another suspect was a man by the name of Robert D'onston Stephenson, the police watched him due to him claiming to people that he inside information on who Jack the Ripper was. He was also a journalist who had a chronic fatigue, a sleeping disorder, so he would have been able to get around the East End without being noticed. Ivor Edwards believes that D'onston was the Ripper due to his interest in black magic, he argues that the murders were pre organised and the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. He connected the murders up on the map and claim that they create the Star of David, but this theory does not really work due to some of the murders being out the outline and not connecting.

Slim Pickens , an established character actor and veteran of many Western films, was eventually chosen to replace Sellers as Major Kong after Sellers's injury. Terry Southern's biographer, Lee Hill, said the part was originally written with John Wayne in mind, and that Wayne was offered the role after Sellers was injured but he immediately turned it down. [21] Dan Blocker of the Bonanza western television series was approached to play the part, but according to Southern , Blocker's agent rejected the script as being "too pinko ". [22] Kubrick then recruited Pickens, whom he knew from his brief involvement in a Marlon Brando western film project that was eventually filmed as One-Eyed Jacks . [21]

Jack the ripper essay conclusion

jack the ripper essay conclusion


jack the ripper essay conclusionjack the ripper essay conclusionjack the ripper essay conclusionjack the ripper essay conclusion