Lisa collins dissertation

All dissertation committee members are appointed by the Dean of the University Graduate School on the recommendation of the unit. The committee is comprised of at least four (4) members of the Graduate Faculty (GF). The major professor must be a member of the Graduate Faculty who holds Dissertation Advisor Status (DAS) and must be an expert in the subject of the dissertation. At least two members of the committee must be from the unit offering the graduate program and one must be from outside of the department or school. Please be aware that the unit may have additional committee requirements. Additional committee members may be appointed.

She teaches courses in human resources, organizational behavior, and organizational communications. Additionally, she teaches labor relations at the community college level. Before joining the ranks of a full-time faculty member, she served as the Executive Director of Degree Completion Admissions. During her tenure, the number of students enrolled in the bachelor’s degree completion programs in business administration and criminal justice increased by 49% in two years. Additionally, geographic expansion and online delivery increased. She served several organizations in positions such as, human resources, trainer, benefits coordinator, lead auditor, radio script writer, and voice talent.

Hlengiwe is an experienced scholar, researcher and activist who has participated in the International Human Rights Exchange (IHRE) and the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS). She is a recipient of many awards for meritorious academic achievement – including the prestigious Ruth First Prize for best third-year research projects in Sociology and best Master’s research project in 2015. Hlengiwe’s research interests include local governance and citizenship, labour studies, public administration, community protests, and gender justice.

Lisa collins dissertation

lisa collins dissertation


lisa collins dissertationlisa collins dissertationlisa collins dissertationlisa collins dissertation