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Investors are free to choose how their annual ISA allowance is used. This means you can elect to split your annual ISA allowance across the IF, Cash and Stocks & Shares ISAs in whatever ratio fits your investment and risk appetite. Investors may only deploy cash into a single Innovative Finance ISA per year, meaning that investors wishing to receive tax-free returns on Peer-to-Peer lending must currently choose one IFISA from the various Peer-to-Peer platforms. Investors are free to transfer funds between their IFISA and their Cash and Stocks & Shares ISAs. The annual ISA limit (currently £20,000) represents the total combined annual limit – there is nothing to stop an investor from changing the way this ISA allowance is allocated.

You lend to… Landbay only facilitates secured lending against residential buy-to-let mortgages on tenanted properties in England and Wales
When do I earn interest? Your investment starts earning interest within 24 hours of receipt of cleared funds, subject to mortgage investments being available
Can I withdraw money before term ends? You can sell your investment on the secondary market at any time, subject to Landbay’s ability to reallocate your invested loan parts
Provision fund? Yes, losses & late payments are protected by Landbay’s Reserve Fund and Landbay doesn't lend on commercial, bridging or development property loans. This is a discretionary fund derived solely from Landbay's fees and margin.
How much can I save? From £5,000, up to the annual tax-free ISA allowance of £20,000
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Peer checking

peer checking


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