Thesis user guide pdf

The list of references may contain entries for which you have no PDFs, and you can also add references to nodes other than PDFs (or annotations). The following picture illustrates this. The reference list contains a reference for which no PDF is available (indicated by a missing PDF icon in the list for that entry). In the mind map there is a node about Docear4Word. The node is not linked with a PDF or annotation. Nevertheless, you can drag&drop a reference from the reference window to the node, and the bibliographic data will be added to that node (illustrated by the little white icon at the node). Alternatively, select a node and then select “Add existing reference” from the menu. This will also allow you to add an existing reference (from the reference list) to a node in your mind map. All data from that reference will be attached to the node. This means, if the reference in your reference list is linked with a PDF, the PDF link will also be added to the node you add the reference to. Last, but not least, if you have a PDF in your mind map with no reference, and a proper reference in your reference list without a link to the PDF, you can drag & drop the PDF from the mind map to the reference, and attach the PDF. Then, the reference data will be automatically assigned to the PDF in the mind map.

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Thesis user guide pdf

thesis user guide pdf


thesis user guide pdfthesis user guide pdfthesis user guide pdfthesis user guide pdf