Two kinds amy tan critical essays

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Set, or Seth, is also an ambivalent deity, worshipped in ancient Egypt as a form of Typhon, the destroying serpent, female as well as male. Hippolytus in his refutation of heresies in the early days of Christianity says that the "Sethians" worshipped "the Eternal Logos — Darkness, and Mist, and Tempest." The divinity also became associated with the waters of the Nile and the regenerative mud that produced life from death. Some esoteric heresies identify Set or Seth with the Serpent in Paradise, the third (excluded) member of the trinity Adam, Eve, and the Serpent. Essentially what Beloved takes from this cluster of myths is this symbolic grouping of female, darkness, water, rejected, but secretly the source of life. There is a wonderful mythic moment when Sethe is at her lowest, battered, bleeding, crawling on her pregnant belly to hide in the grass, just before she meets Amy, the raggedy white girl.

“Two kinds” is a short story that focuses on a relationship between a mother and her daughter after arriving to the United States from a foreign Asian mother has a strong personality, she wants her daughter to become a child prodigy. However the daughters challenging behavior is what makes the story interesting.

Two kinds is the conventional American story. The mother wants her daughter to become a professional pianist and be famous, but her daughter doesn’t like piano. Her mother works hard to pay the piano lessons but Jing Mei, the daughter, doesn’t take advantage of the classes. The climax rises as the daughter’s confronts her mother, she doesn’t want to take piano lessons, nor become a child prodigy.

I think the argument between mother and her daughter is the most important part of the story because Jing Mei finally expresses what she author gives us two different personalities in 2 different characters: an adult and a child. When we know that we don’t like something our parents want us to do it takes courage to let them know the truth. But is it worse than having to deal with our parents dreams and expectations? I know many people can relate with the ongoing parent-child struggle in “Two kinds” especially teenagers my age.

Two kinds amy tan critical essays

two kinds amy tan critical essays


two kinds amy tan critical essaystwo kinds amy tan critical essaystwo kinds amy tan critical essaystwo kinds amy tan critical essays