Weird award winning essays

Brian – ha! Yep, real maple syrup (not Mrs. Buttersworth). Why? Well, I like the taste better than molasses. Personal preference. And I’m a big believer in hitting all the taste buds so you need a form of sweet in there to balance the spice. If you doubt, then use molasses – or a mix of the two. I’ve mixed before – it’s good.
Bottom line – make it your own. Pull back on the sweet or add more to your taste preferences. This is a great base recipe that goes well with anything and is very easily tweaked to make it perfect for you and your guests.

MCNISH: Obviously - mainly the sex. Like, periods and stuff is totally non-taboo in my household. I think all I want her - I just don't want her to be ashamed of her body or ashamed of, like, being horny or feeling sexy when she does or ashamed of periods. I think that's such a massive thing globally - that we're to so ashamed about periods. It took me a year to tell my mom (laughter) when I started, and I used to steal sanitary towels and stuff. But yeah, it's just to get rid of that shame. Like, be ashamed of things that you should be ashamed of, like being horrible to someone, but don't be (laughter) ashamed of these natural processes in your body.

Asterios Polyp, the main character of the book, is a professor and architect with an inordinately high opinion of himself. The book details his journey of falling in love, the dissolution of his relationship, his revelation, his crash to rockbottom, and his adventure of starting over in a touching and awe-inspiring artistic way. The book is rendered in only four colors, and Mazzucchelli uses his drawing, his abstraction of the characters and setting, and the color as storytelling instruments, which carry a weight that goes beyond mere words. Truly a work of art, there is not a single panel of this book that couldn’t be taken out and put on the wall of a museum.

Weird award winning essays

weird award winning essays


weird award winning essaysweird award winning essaysweird award winning essaysweird award winning essays