Workplace diversity issues essay

Important also to remember is that employers may not fire , demote, harass , or otherwise retaliate against an employee for filing a discrimination charge, participating in a discrimination proceeding, or otherwise opposing discrimination. The protection covers discrimination victims and those who aren’t victims but who take action against discrimination (for example, by testifying on behalf of a victim employee). Other laws also prohibit retaliation for exercising the rights they protect. For example, it’s against the law to retaliate against someone because he’s filed a workers’ compensation claim.

Many governments now recognize this and are creating legislative mandates to support diversity. Solving such complex global issues as world hunger, environmental concerns, financial crises, health care for aging populations requires a higher order of thinking. Government officers anticipate diversity can contribute to quality solutions. New regulatory mandates are emerging. US public companies must file in their proxy statements what their diversity policy is or explain why they don’t have one. Other countries have mandatory quotas for diversity. Norway requires 40% of board directors on public boards must be women. Malaysia recently mandated public companies must have 30% women in both their executive roles and their boards. The intention is to push for better results via diversity.

Workplace diversity issues essay

workplace diversity issues essay


workplace diversity issues essayworkplace diversity issues essayworkplace diversity issues essayworkplace diversity issues essay